Workstream 1 Key Research on Green Infrastructure: what is the science telling us?


 EU Projects on Green Infrastructure

 NERC projects and programmes relevant to Green Infrastructure

 Other Academic Research on Green Infrastructure

 Other Research Council UK projects on Green Infrastructure

Workstream 2 Policy and Practice on Green Infrastructure: What are the key lessons emerging? ?

 Capturing Green Infrastructure Policy and Practice

Workstream 3 What are the key opportunities to link research and practice in Green Infrastructure?

 Green Infrastructure Partnership Evaluation

Workstream 4 Understanding our growing environmental vocabulary and how green infrastructure fits in

 Understanding our growing environmental vocabulary in England Connecting Green Infrastructure, Natural Capital, Ecosystem Services and Net Gains within the English Planning System

Workstream 5: What does good Green Infrastructure Policy look like?

 Green Infrastructure Planning Policy Assessment Tool

Workstream 6 : Working with the Green Infrastructure Partnership