Call for evidence

  Have you participated in a green infrastructure project?

  Are you responsible for implementing green infrastructure policy?

  Have you encountered problems or barriers when trying to manage green infrastructure or deliver green infrastructure in a planning development?

  Have you got an innovative and successful green infrastructure strategy that you want to shout about?

  Have you had positive or negative experiences in dealing with green infrastructure?

If the answer is YES...

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then I would love to hear from you as part of my policy and practice review of green infrastructure.

This forms a core part of the evidence gathering section of this NERC fellowship. A parallel strand is looking at past and present NERC research that has focused on green infrastructure. Both strands are looking at translating what has been learnt in order to improve mainstreaming of green infrastructure in the planning system in its widest possible sense.

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Your evidence

This call for evidence is targeted towards those practitioners and professionals involved in designing and/or managing and/or delivering and/or evaluating green infrastructure in any shape or form. I am keen to allow your response to be flexible allowing you to write your own narrative in the way that you would like.

The headings below might serve as useful prompts to frame your narrative but please feel free to adapt this as you see fit. There is no word limit as ironically it can be actually harder to write less! However, I am happy in your narrative for you to include hyperlinks to published parts of the initiative where this helps the context as am very keen to capture your own reflexive assessment rather than simply reworking what is already in the public domain. As such I can guarantee absolute confidentiality with the responses.


  What is/was the nature of the GI project or initiative and over what timescale?

  What was your role(s)

  Describe the project/initiative; what were the main aims, objectives and desired outcomes. (Please feel free to send original documents via email).

  Who (agencies) were involved?

  In your view was the initiative successful; please expand.

  What lessons have you learned over the course of this initiative and over your experience in green infrastructure development?

  What needs to be happen in the future to make this a more successful initiative?

  What changes would you like to see to national, regional or local guidance for green infrastructure?

What happens next?

After the review phase the material will be compiled into a report and follow on workshop. The policy review will become part of the evidence base for subsequent workstreams and will also help to identify new research avenues for funding.

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