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Hansen and Pauleit 2014 From Multifunctionality to Multiple Ecosystem Services?A Conceptual Framework for Multifunctionality in GreenInfrastructure Planning for Urban Areas

This is a really interesting paper that develops a ocnceptual framework for improved mainstreaming GI through connecting GI multifunctionality with ecosystem services. pdf_icon_white.png


Green infrastructure (GI) and ecosystem services (ES) are promoted as concepts that have potential to improve environmental planning in urban areas based on amore holistic understanding of the complex interrelationsand dynamics of social–ecological systems. However, the scientific discourses around both concepts still lack application-oriented frameworks that consider such a holistic perspective and are suitable to mainstream GI andES in planning practice.

This literature review explores how multifunctionality as one important principle of GI planning can be operationalized by approaches developed and tested in ES research. Specifically, approaches developed in ES research can help to assess the integrity of GI networks, balance ES supply and demand, and consider trade-offs. A conceptual framework for the assessment of multifunctionality from a social–ecological perspective is proposed that can inform the design of planning processes and support stronger exchange between GI and ES research.

Keywords Social–ecological systemsEcosystem services Green Infrastructure Urban planning Environmental planning