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The translation and use of green infrastructure evidence.

The translation and use of green infrastructure evidence.

The success of green infrastructure (GI) depends on the sharing of good practice and research between disciplines andsectors. This paper presents findings from a study to examine how GI research is shared with non-academic audiences.GI has been an active research area in recent years, with a wealth of evidence coming from the academic community.This has been mirrored by a body of grey literature aimed at different disciplines and sectors. But it is important tounderstand which evidence is being used in this grey literature and what the gaps are either in research or in itstranslation. In this study, 25 pieces of grey literature were reviewed to identify what research is represented;presented as the benefits or ecosystem services provided by different types of GI. This review was presented toaround 70 academics, policy makers and practitioners working in GI through two workshops. Attendees were askedquestions in order to further understanding of how research is translated and used, and the mechanisms by which itcan be more effectively shared. The paper provides insights into how those working in GI can work collaboratively toensure research findings are relevant and usable.