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Nature-Based Solutions for Urban Climate Change Adaptation Linking Science Policy and Practice Communities for Evidence Based Decision-Making Frantzesaki et al 2019

Nature-Based Solutions for Urban Climate Change Adaptation: Linking Science, Policy, and Practice Communities for Evidence-Based Decision-MakingNIKI FRANTZESKAKI, TIMON MCPHEARSON, MARCUS J. COLLIER, DAVE KENDAL, HARRIET BULKELEY, ADINA DUMITRU, CLAIRE WALSH, KATE NOBLE, ERNITA



Nature-based solutions offer an exciting prospect for resilience building and advancing urban planning to address complex urban challenges simultaneously. In this article, we formulated through a coproduction process in workshops held during the first IPCC Cities and Climate Science Conference in Edmonton, Canada, in March 2018, a series of synthesis statements on the role, potential, and research gaps of nature-based solutions for climate adaptation and mitigation. We address interlocking questions about the evidence and knowledge needed for integrating nature-based solutions into urban agendas. We elaborate on the ways to advance the planning and knowledge agenda for nature-based solutions by focusing on knowledge coproduction, indicators and big data, and novel financing models. With this article, we intend to open a wider discussion on how cities can effectively mainstream nature-based solutions to mitigate and adapt to the negative effects of climate change and the future role of urban science in coproducing nature-based solutions.


It is important to see green infrastrcutre as a key delivery mechanism for nature based solutions. 

Keywords: nature-based solutions, cities, climate change, resilience, urban