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GI-Val Mersey Forest Valuation Tool

GI-Val is The Mersey Forest's green infrastructure valuation toolkit

Well designed, planned and managed green infrastructure can bring a wide rangeof benefits to local communities and places – and can underpin sustainableeconomic growth. But those who want to make the most of this untappedpotential face a number of challenges. Identifying the key benefits associated witha green asset, demonstrating how a green infrastructure proposal can add valueto a broader developmental project or choosing between different greeninfrastructure approaches are not easily done.The green infrastructure valuation toolkit has been developed in response tothese challenges to help local stakeholders make good decisions about the valueof different options for change: It provides a simple framework that can help identify and broadly assessthe benefits of proposed green investments and existing green assets –whether those benefits directly contribute to a local economy, or providewider non-market returns for society and the environment. It provides insight in key evidence and concepts from a wide range ofsectors, including economic development and regeneration, publichealth, nature conservation – providing a strong platform for improvedmutual understanding and cooperation.

Mersey Forest GI Tool