EU Projects on Green Infrastructure

This page captures key projects that are looking at green infrastructure. In particular they have been prioritised to reflect the 4 key questions I am asking. 

1. With a focus on the peri urban space PLUREL  shared experiences about the management of peri urban areas  across 12 EU partner areas. Green infrastructure becomes core to the improved management of these forgotten spaces.

2. Naturvation   is about the use of nature based solutions to the challenges of urban development. Currently the use of grey infrastructure and technology-driven solutions dominates urban planning 

3. Planning for environment and resource efficiency  in European Cities and Towns PERFECT integrates the many benefits of green infrastructure into the planning and investment for the future of urban and rural areas. It seeks to influence the policy-making process by raising awareness of the social, environmental and economic potential of green infrastructure.

4. GREEN SURGE  seeks to identify, develop and test ways of linking green spaces, biodiversity, people and the green economy in order to meet the major urban challenges related to land use conflicts, climate change adaptation, demographic changes, and human health and wellbeing. It will provide a sound evidence base for urban green infrastructure planning and implementation, exploring the potential for innovation in better linking environmental, social and economic ecosystem services with local communities.

5. BEGIN stands for 'Blue Green Infrastructures through Social Innovation'. Organizations from Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and The Netherlands are working together to find solutions for climate change

6. GROW GREEN Innovation will be the focus of GROW GREEN, which stands for "Green Cities for Climate and Water Resilience, Sustainable Economic Growth, Healthy Citizens and Environments." This new five-year demonstration project aims to achieve climate and water resilience in cities. Funded by Horizon 2020, the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, it is intended to showcase benefits from nature-based solutions in urban landscapes