This work stream captures relevant NERC funded projects on Green Infrastructure and then seeks to assess their actual/potential contribution to improve the design and delivery of green infrastructure in the planning system.  Here existing and new pathways to impact will be explored and developed with NERC science researchers leading to a report identifying research opportunities and gaps. 


To identify and capture relevant NERC science research on Green Infrastructure

To identify current pathways to impact and additional area relevant to the needs and priorities within UK planning system 

To translate the science into impact pathways to help shape the design, delivery and funding of the planning system

To provide a core evidence base for the other work streams in this fellowship project.  

To inform policy and practice more generally and to alert NERC to research gaps. 


Core Activitities 

  1. Meetings and skype interviews with key researchers on NERC and other projects related to green infrastructure  
  2. Workshop with lead researchers to identify the cumulative contribution of green infrastructure research; assess current and proposed pathways to impact; and identify research gaps affecting UK planning and decision making. (December 2017)
  3. Identify key science, messages, tools from the research that are relevant to planning matters and use this to inform current policy reforms including revision on NPPF.   


  1. A report to capture points 1,2 and 3 above. 
  2. Workshop presentation materials.