Mainstreaming nature using green infrastructure conference details

This FREE conference celebrates the completion of a 3 year Natural Environment Research Council fellowship on the improved mainstreaming of nature in the planning system using green and blue infrastructure as the key delivery vehicle.


To share good practice and lessons learnt across research and practice in using green infrastructure to deliver better outcomes for nature;

To identify the opportunitites and barriers for green infrastructure delivery in the planning system

To reflect critically on the contribution of a NERC knowledge exchange fellow


  • To learn more about existing research and practice on green infrastructure
  • To actively engage in critical discussion groups to better translate research into practice.
  • To share your own experiences in mainstreaming nature in policy and decision making
  • To help shape future research agendas on mainstreaming


This event is targeted at all those with an interest in the built and natural environment. It is aimed at both research and practice communities.


No; not at all. Indeed the structure of the day will evolve in response to pariticpant priorities.

All day virtual conferences are very demanding. This event includes a variety of activities including short 15 minute lecturettes on specific issues with follow up panel discussion shaped by the audience.

The event is highly structured in the morning but the afternoon workshops are designed shaped by the participants themselves from the morning activities and outcomes. You actively can help shape the focus of these sessions using the conference white board MURAL.


9.15 Log into Teams using the following link (please mute your microphone and video off unless you are speaking) 

9.30 Welcome and aims for session link to jamboard to help shape workshop challenges.

9.40 Alister Scott Confessions of Knowledge Exchange Fellow (18)

10.00 Session 1 : Exploring impacts on the planning system using GI in selected research projects 4x 15 minute talks followed by 30 mins questions

10-10.15 Dr Nicola Dempsey IWUN Project Sheffield: Valuing Nature at a city scale. 

10.15-10.30 Prof Ian Brown ICASP Project: Making the Business Case   for Nature

10.30-10.45 Dr Claire Walsh National Green Infrastructure Facility

10.45-11.00 Prof Ian Bateman SWEEP: Mainstreaming Natural Capital 

11.00-11.30 Panel Discussion

11.30-11.45 Coffee or Tea or whatever is in your kitchen

11.45 Session 2 : Exploring practice led responses using NERC-led research followed by 30 mins questions. Please choose your session (max allocation 110 per room)


Policy stream A : Chair Alister Scott

Improving the standards for nature  

Policy Stream B Chair Tim Crawshaw

Crossing national nature experiences   


Richard Blyth RTPI  Institute Perspective 

Rob Lacey EU PERFECT: Integrating benefits of nature into Cornish planning  


Gemma  Jerome Building with Nature and the planning system

Marijke Ransom:  Mainstreaming Nature in New Zealand  


Jayne Rogers  The Essex GI story 

Penny Gruffydd Fran Rolfe The power is in the process : Swansea City GI Strategy  


Sarah Jackson West of England GI Framework

Max. Hislop A blue print for the Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network


Panel Discussion


13.15-2pm LUNCH .

2.00 workshop briefing (participants choose 2 workshops from the 6-8 listed options). Use team links to navigate to the ones you wish to tackle.  

2.10-3.00 workshop 1

3.10-4.00 workshop 2

4-00 workshop feedback and plenary session .

4.30 Next steps and action plans


Meeting Instructions and links We are using Microsoft Teams which has advantages and disadvantages so to help everyone can you please observe the following rules.

Please keep your video and mike muted unless speaking or in a panel. In large audiences having your video on or mike unmuted will make you appear in the main grid and create background noise and echo.

Please use chat for questions and comments. Preface any question with ? for the chat moderators.

To join other team rooms from the main conference you will need to exit teams and return using the new link. You return to the main conference room at any time using the link but again have to leave the session you are in.

Given numbers of participants   all questions and comments will be fed in to panel discussion  by chat moderators. Allowing people to ask questions using an open mike will take time (apologies as I know this does stifle interaction). However, your chat question will be attributed.  

Mainstreaming Nature using Green Infrastructure Workshop details