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A Green Infrastructure proofed NPPF

02 Mar 2018

This briefing is the outcome of a series of deliberations concerning the revision of the NPPF. Building from critiques of the present structure and paragraphs a group of 25 professionals have answered the question "what does good green infrastructure policy look like". The opportunity space offered by the reform of the NPPF at the national policy level is too good to miss and will provide a useful sounding board to build the future stages of my KE project upon.

However this is a current draft with track changes to highlight its divergence from the existing NPPF 2012.   This will be updated once the consultation draft is released on Monday. Further deliberations will now occur to this draft given the signficant review of the NPPF  pdf_icon_white.png 



All comments are greatly appreciated - please help mainstream green infrastructure by adding to the conversation.