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Improving Multifunctionality of Green Belts

22 Apr 2024

A series of academic papers led by Matt Kirby have focussed on how to improve the multifunctionality of Green Belts in England. Starting from a scoping review of the literature (Kirby et al 2023a) a new policy tool for green belt assessment has been created resulting in a model GI policy (Kirby and Scott 2023). A key finding here was the variation across local authorities in the way plans incorporate green belt multifunctionality. Subsequent work has then focussed on ecosystem services with an important PPGIS study to boost the way cultural ecosystem services are utilised in green belt assessment (Kirby et al 2023b). Finally, the use of InVEST model (Kirby et al 2024) has helped to identify high and low spots of ES multifunctionality to improve way green belt releases are designed and delivered. .*Kirby M.G and Zawadzka, J and Scott AJ (2024)

pdf_icon_white.pngImproving Multifunctionality 4 papersĀ 


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