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Review of the Natural Environment Research Council Green Infrastructure Innovation Programme

22 Feb 2018

The Natural Environment Research Council has commissioned a review of its Green Infrastructure Innovation Programme.  Written by Mike Grace and David Proverbs at Birmingham City University, this review profiles each of the 13 projects that were granted awards at the end of 2015 and describes their work and products in the context of the original ambitions of the projects. The review summarises the project outputs individually and describes the nature of the decision support tools and models being created and their impacts. The review also examines their collective experiences across five cross cutting themes.


Whilst it is necessarily a partial picture, as the majority of the awards have yet to submit their final reports and some do not complete their work until June 2018, the review helpfully sets out a number of reflections and recommendations concerning evidence monitoring and knowledge sharing and how they have helped fill the gaps identified in the NERC sponsored review of GI evidence. It identifies some concerns about the long term value and take-up of decision support tools and also some of the challenges and barriers for tools in making an impact on spatial planning and other decisions. It exposes a gap that has opened up around the provision of guidance on GI for practitioners. The outputs and relationships between the 13 projects suggest there is potential for greater collaboration and enhancing the impacts through the emerging tools in NERC’s GI tool-box.



All comments are greatly appreciated - please help mainstream green infrastructure by adding to the conversation.