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Town and Country Planning May 2019 Special Guest edition Mainstreaming Green Infrastructure in the Planning System

20 May 2019

This Special Issue of Town & Country Planning focuses on improving the mainstreaming of green infrastructure in the planning system. It comprises an exciting mix of academic, policy and practice articlesthat collectively signpost how green infrastructurecan be better configured, communicated and employed to deliver better place-making and placekeepingprocesses and outcomes, moving outsideits traditional environmental silo to infiltrate economic, social and health agendas.

Using case studies from around the world, this special edition of our monthly journal explores academic, policy and practice articles to signpost how green infrastructure can be better configured, communicated and employed to deliver responsible placemaking.

This edition looks at the reasons why the movement towards widespread green infrastructure has stalled and how we might start to address these fundamental weaknesses through the planning system.

Editorial (video under construction) 

1. Editorial Alister Scott 

International Perspectives 

2. Barbara Norman Jason Aleanxadra Mainstreaming green infrastructure in Australia

3. Mark Scott  Mick Lenon and Owen Douglas  Mainstreaming Green infrastructure as a health promoting asset    

NERC funded GI research 

4. Gemma Gerome and Danni Sinnett  Building with Nature : raisng the standards of green infrastrcutre across the UK 

5. Oliver Holzinger, Jon Sadler, Alister Scott and Nick Grayson Natural Capital Planning Tool – managing environmental gains and losses

6. Alison Smith Pam Berry Jenny Barker and Nicole Lazarus  A toolkit for planning and evaluatingurban GI – in Bicester and beyond

7. Alister Scott and Max Hislop What does good green infrastructure policy look like: An evaluation of the NPPF England  

Practice based GI approaches

8. Rosie Callway, Tim Dixon and Daragana Nikolic  Lost in transition?examining GI evaluation in neighbourhood masterplanning 

9. Sophia Price James Brian and Lesley Davies  Using site-specific guidance to enhance Cotswolds District Council policy

10 Stephen Wilkinson  the use of planning obligations to secure and enhance green infrastructure


Having read the papers please feel free to comment and in particualr submit your own experience in mainstremaing GI aonymously through my portal


All comments are greatly appreciated - please help mainstream green infrastructure by adding to the conversation.